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Utah Repertory Theater Company Partnership

$557.00 raised
Goal: $15,000.00


Through its pulsating rock score and emotionally charged story, the stage musical “Bare” has thrilled and moved audiences around the world since its first staging in Los Angeles over a decade ago. The story of “Bare” follows a group of teenagers at a Catholic boarding school.

It is a coming-of-age story of a group of high school seniors at a co-ed Catholic boarding school, with each struggling to define themselves in the face of their relationships, sexuality, and religion. As they search to come to terms with who they are — and who the world thinks they should be — they seek answers from their church, their friends and, ultimately, from within themselves. A story of discovery, acceptance and love, the story of “Bare” centers on the clandestine relationship between two young men who are roommates, along with a few of their close friendships. As the pair navigates adolescence, we see the consequences of secrecy unravel though their eyes and those around them.

Provocative, raw, and unyielding in its exploration of how today’s generation navigates the tightrope between adolescence and adulthood, “Bare” examines the consequences of baring a soul — or hiding it from those who matter most.

“Bare” has amassed a passionate fan base, received over one hundred productions worldwide and is poised to be this season's musical theater event in Utah.

Utah Repertory Theater Company has assembled an incredibly talented cast of 24, mainly teenagers and young adult actors from Utah, many of whom relate to the story in “Bare” through their own trials and struggles of growing up in this heavily religiously influenced state.

The company would like to make “Bare” as significant and forcefully impactful production as possible. As a relatively new theater company in a fairly new theater venue, we are limited in our budgets and funding. We need to raise additional funds in order to meet the technical demands of this production. The costs of putting on a large-scale production are very high, and despite our great team of volunteers and patrons, our current budget will limit our abilities to do everything we want with “Bare.”

Additionally, we want as many people in Utah to see this production, particularly youths and families that might be struggling with sexual identity issues in our efforts to promote equality for all. We also want to be able to have the attendance needed to donate proceeds to the Ogden-based OUTreach Resources Centers LGBTQ youth support organization. There are also discussions about offering free performances or special assemblies to high school students and families that might not have the means to see a performance on their own.

We realize these are lofty goals, but they are achievable with support. We have a goal to raise $15,000 in additional funding so that we may accomplish these objectives and ensure that the message of “Bare” can have the most widespread influence.


We ask you to consider a donation and become an official sponsor of “Bare” as we work together to bring equality to Utah, support our youth and alter thinking. Theater has the abilities to touch people in a unique way, and the success of “Bare” nationally has garnered an enthusiastic following, particularly among young people.

It is a privilege for Utah Repertory Theater Company, in partnership with OUTreach Resources Centers to produce the Utah premiere of this beautiful piece.

Below is a breakdown of where the funds will be allocated, as well as incentives we are able to provide to our sponsors. Thanks for your consideration.

The additional funding goal is $15,000.

Professional Lighting System and Grid: $6,000
Newly installed lighting and the grid installation system would insure the highest- quality production. The company has an opportunity to purchase a significantly discounted assembly of professional stage lights and support system at less than 50 percent retail price, but we must move on this immediately to secure them.

Increased Marketing Budget: $3,500
In order for “Bare” to get the greatest attendance and exposure, we would like to increase our marketing efforts to include two music videos, purchase-advertising space in local magazines around Salt Lake City, as well as purchase a billboard for the month of January. Additionally, we would like to launch a social media campaign to target key theatergoing demographics and high school students in particular. Part of this budget will also be used to hire additional staff dedicated exclusively to this mission.

Increased Live Performance Band and Sound Equipment Budget: $2,000 Your donation would augment the budgeted amount for live musicians accompanying the onstage singer-actors. “Bare” requires first-class pit band musicians performing alongside cast members onstage. Prerecorded “canned” music is not an acceptable option. The eight-member ensemble will include two keyboards, percussion, flute, cello, two guitarists, and bass guitar, led by an incomparably talented music director.

Touring to High Schools and Youth Assistance Organizations: $1,500
We would like to present a scaled-down version of the show, along with leading a discussion on equality and sexual identity issues among youth to tour at different high schools throughout Utah as part of an effort to generate interest in the show and share the message of the show to those who may not be able to attend.


You receive your own name or business name above the show title on all advertising, playbill, websites, social media, and all press releases, as well as announcement before each show, full-color ad in the playbill, and a lobby display.

You receive dinner and a picture with the cast — and preview performance for you and associates of your choice.

You receive 10 season ticket packages for you and your business, each with a $100 value per season ticket of five shows for Utah Rep’s 2015 production schedule.

You receive 25 general pass tickets to any Utah Rep performance of “Bare” for you to distribute or donate.

You receive a preview mini show of 30 minutes to perform at your business, private event or any other personal function.

You receive 20 percent of show proceeds to be donated to a charity, with OUTreach Resources Centers a suggested donor


You are able to host a group of at least 120 youths to a free performance you sponsor.

You receive dinner and a picture with the cast.

You receive 10 season ticket packages for you and your business, each with a $100 value per season ticket of five shows for Utah Rep’s 2015 production schedule.


Producing “Bare” for its Utah premiere is indeed a rare opportunity for Utah Rep. “Bare” is a stage musical well outside the norm of productions theatergoers would have the opportunity to enjoy. Live theater is a significantly impactful way to educate and motivate audiences in a meaningful way. With theatergoers immersed in the onstage experience of the story, attitudes can be adjusted and minds enlightened.


Since our beginning in 2004, OUTreach Resource Centers has been focused on helping youth. A decade ago, the wonderful people of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden took notice of the incredible amount of rejected and often homeless LGBTQ youth, and they took action. It was this action that grew into Ogden OUTreach. Since then, Ogden OUTreach has expanded to become OUTreach Resource Centers, and we now operate drop-in centers from Logan to Clearfield.

OUTreach Resource Centers is a non-profit collection of youth resource centers dedicated to transforming communities and saving lives through programs designed to promote positive outcomes for youth experiencing homelessness, family rejection, or victimization. For example:

We provide programs and services to more than 500 youth each year, addressing the needs of underserved youth at three levels:

Prevention (Community Forums and Ally Trainings):

At the community level, we offer ally and advocate training to groups who work with and support youth, and we hold events to educate the public. The safe schools initiatives we participate in also act as prevention.

Intervention (Resource Centers):

At the intervention level, our drop-in centers offer a variety of services to not only meet the basic needs of youth, but to increase their self-efficacy and provide them with knowledge and skills needed to become self-sufficient, healthy LGBTQ and allied adults.

Crisis response (Safe and Sound):

Crisis response for LGBTQ youth in Utah who are homeless, suicidal or have been victimized have lacked until now because of legal barriers and lack of resources. These barriers are being addressed now in ways they have not previously, and our ability to help youth in crisis is growing. After a careful evaluation of the Safe and Sound Host Home Program, we have decided to make key changes to the housing services model. This change reflects both our desire to reach more youth in need and recent changes in Utah law regarding sheltering youth overnight. Through collaboration with the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and several other local partners, OUTreach is working toward creating a 24-hour line for youth who are suicidal or experiencing housing or family crisis, along with a system for transporting youth to safe sanctuaries. In addition, due to recent legal changes that OUTreach helped push, it is now possible to establish youth shelters in Utah.

We are also working closely with organizations like Youth Futures to create safe and LGBTQ-affirming youth shelters. We also collaborate with many community partners through the Utah Coalition to End Youth Homelessness. Interested in learning more about Youth Futures? Visit the organization’s website at http://www.yfut.org/.


The founders of Utah Rep knew that Utah didn’t need another theater company. But the state did need a semi-professional company to produce entertaining Utah and regional premieres along with lesser-known, infrequently performed shows.

Adventuresome shows with powerful messages. Illuminating musicals and dramas that Utah audiences oftentimes aren’t able to often see. Giving local actors, directors, choreographers, and theater designers the opportunity to stretch. Strengthening their resumes along the way.

Utah Rep assembles passionate theater collaborators, attracts the state’s most recognized talents and draws upon talents of promising university students.

Artistic Director Johnny Hebda founded the company with these objectives in mind. When the group was formulated, a talented board of experienced theater enthusiasts joined him with the same dedication to follow his initial vision when creating Utah Rep, which is entertaining, adventuresome, and illuminating.


The mission of Utah Rep is to produce entertaining state and regional premieres of award-winning dramas and musicals, some of which Utah theatergoers oftentimes aren’t able to see.

Producing adventuresome shows with powerful messages. Becoming an illuminating new voice in Utah. As a not-for-profit theater, Utah Rep relies on the support of patrons and sponsors. Your support makes it possible for us to produce exceptional theater.


With the Utah premiere of the award-winning “Side Show,” a powerful musical about real-life conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton, Utah Rep was formed in January 2013. “Bare” will be Utah Rep’s tenth production.

In addition to “Side Show,” Utah Rep productions have included:

“I love you because” (March 2013), a Utah premiere

■ “What the Bellhop Saw,” a Utah premiere

“Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel,” the first Utah staging in over 10 years


Frank Wildhorn’s “Bonnie & Clyde,” a Utah premiere

“Grace,” a Utah premiere

“August: Osage County,” a Utah premiere of this Pulitzer Prize Winner

“[title of show],” a Utah premiere.